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Alchymia distillery make small batch premium single malt whisky
from scratch on site at Table Cape. We want to share our passion
for distilling with our visitors in our beautiful tasting room, we are
family owned and run and would love to welcome you to our distillery.

599 Tollymore Road
Table Cape, Tasmania, 7325

Head Alchemist


The Alchymia Distillery Story

In 2013 Matt & I were working too many hours and although earning very well we were not seeing enough of each other and felt unfulfilled, they say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes we wanted to make sure that our life was worth watching, so we made the decision to start a business that we could build together doing something that we were passionate about…..but what? After 4yrs looking for the right business for us we found our passion- My name is Sarah Packwood-Hollings and I am co founder of Alchymia distillery

Once we made the decision it took us 5 yrs and a search that spanned the globe to find the right spot for our distillery we found that spot on the rugged NW coast of Tasmanian in Table Cape over the last 9 months we have transformed a 100yr old shed that was on the site into the most stunning distillery and tasting room allowing us to share our passion and our craft with visitors and lovers of great spirit.

Our vision is to grow the barley, process the barley, make it into wort, ferment it, put it through the still, mature it, bottle it then sell it in our Tasting room from paddock to bottle all on site. We are working with a local grower to find the right barley that will thrive on the property, in the meantime we are making our wort on site from other Tasmanian barley. We are also making Alchymia Gin on site and will look to create a Vodka & Rum later next year.

For the true Whisky enthusiasts Alchymia Distillery are offering, the opportunity for you to privately own your own cask of single malt, single cask whisky. The Alchemists academy ‘Cask Experience’ gives you the unique opportunity to go on the journey with your whisky from its start as wort, through its maturation process to become a beautiful single malt whisky then finally into bottles for you to enjoy.

You decide when it is ready to be bottled, you get to name and label your own whisky, which you can then enjoy selfishly or share with family & friends! This is on a strictly limited release of only 100ltrs per month and we are starting to lay down private barrels from January 2022.

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