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Whisky made in the North-West of Tasmania, a small island just a hop down south of the Australian Continent. To this day, Tasmania remains a land of pristine wilderness, fertile soils and unspoiled waters.

The Cradle Moutain Whisky Story

The founding fathers of Cradle Mountain Whisky began developing our very fine single malt whisky in 1989. Cradle Mountain Whisky realized that they had managed to create something truly unique when in the early 1990’s, independent bottlers William Cadenheads, the marketing arm of Springbank Distillery in Scotland liked our whisky so much that they ordered seven barrels, which was a significant kick-off for Tasmania’s first commercial whisky company since 1838.

In 2015 Cradle Mountain Whisky Company was revitalized by the Lahra family to ensure the continuous flow of fine spirit, and the legacy of the business.

Cradle Mountain Whisky is quietly aging it’s stock and is planning a release in 2019 of it’s Heritage Collections 21 year, 20-year-old, and a 17-Year-old. Three new additional whisky collections with the working names “Blue, Clair & Original” will also be available. We are also preparing for a collectors release of the oldest Australian whisky with the title “The First.”

Our whisky is crafted using the traditional base formula’s invented by the original master distillers now complemented with innovations in ageing techniques, barrel management and the use of our unique Sol’lahra barrels.

To make a great whisky takes time, and despite the current demand of the market for Cradle Mountain Whisky, we have decided we won’t release it until it is something we personally consider to be great.

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