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At Lark Distillery they believe in bringing together adventurous whisky drinkers to share a drink, have a conversation, and spark ideas… ideas that could be the start of something.

14 Davey St, Hobart
TAS 7000

Chris Thomson
Head Distiller

Head Distiller Chris has been with Lark Distillery for over a decade, starting out in production by bottling whisky as early as cask 21.

He has a true love for the industry and a keen desire to share his knowledge, experience and whisky with the world. “Whisky doesn’t really become whisky until the cork is popped and someone pours it into a glass and enjoys it.

It’s an experience, and I think that underpins why we do what we do. To make people happy, to give them an experience, to blow their minds, or to help them relax after a big day.

The Lark Story

Lark Distillery was the first licensed distillery in Tasmania since 1839. It was established in 1992 to produce Australian malt whisky, rich in character with a big finish using the best Tasmanian ingredients. Lark Distillery is proudly a boutique Tasmanian owned distillery dedicated to maintaining its proven high quality malt whisky and other unique spirits.

Tasmania is ideally situated to make malt whisky, and yet 150 years after the last licensed Tasmanian distillery closed its doors, it took a whisky lover to realise the environment was perfect. Bill Lark realised that that everything you need for a world-class whisky was in Tasmania – rich fields of barley, an abundance of wonderfully pure soft water, highland peat bogs, and the perfect climate to bring all the ingredients together in a marriage of science, art and passion.

The vision of producing Tasmanian malt whisky was born on a trout fishing trip in the highlands of Tasmania when Bill’s father in-law Max produced a wonderful bottle of single malt. As they enjoyed a drink in the park at Bothwell, surrounded by Georgian buildings, barley fields and the gently flowing Clyde River, Bill said to Max, “I wonder why there isn’t anyone making malt whisky in Tasmania?”.

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