Contact Information

Hangar 17, 287 Evandale Road,
Western Junction Launceston ,
Tasmania , 7212

Chris Condon
Head Distiller

Andrew Barclay
Assistant Distiller

David Debattista
Sales Manager

Customer relations

The Launceston Distillery Story

Launceston Distillery was established by a group of five friends and investors in 2013. After much hard work it commenced whisky production in 2015. The Distiller is Launceston local Chris Condon who has considerable experience as a brewer and distiller at some of Tasmania’s best known brands.

Former brewer at J. Boag & Son and founding Distiller at Nant Distillery, Chris’ years of experience in the brewing and distilling industry have helped to create Launceston Distillery and shape the whisky into what it is now.

His companion Angus the “Westie” has supervised operations at two distilleries, and lays claim to beingTasmania’s most experienced whisky distillery dog. Angus can be seen most days supervising operationsonsite at Hangar 17.

The distillery is located in the historic Hangar 17 at Launceston airport. Built in 1932, Hangar 17 is the oldest surviving aviation building in Tasmania. It was used as a passenger departure point until the current terminal was built in 1968. In its heyday, it was home to aviation heavyweights Australian National Airways (ANA) and Ansett.

Now the hangar is home to Launceston Distillery which produces single malt whisky that is matured onsite. The stills and brewing equipment were all manufactured in Hobart by Australia’s leading still-maker Peter Bailly of Knapp Lewer, with the heads of both stills having a distinctive reflux ball to produce a
smooth, re?ned spirit. They are clad in Tasmanian oak for heat retention too.

The water used is drawn from the South Esk river nearby, the longest running river in Tasmania. All thebarely used is grown in the north of Tasmania. We are sure
that by now you are picking up a theme,local ingredients, local people, local production.

The whisky is matured in a variety of European and American oak casks, that have previously been used to mature bourbon, Apera (Australian style sherry) and Tawny (Australian style port). Time in the cask allows the new-make spirit to mature into whisky, deriving colour and much of its character from the oak. Flavours vary depending on oak species and cask history. Although whisky matures faster in smaller casks, maturation cannot be rushed and a mix of everything from 20ltr to300ltr casks are used onsite. All our casks are aged onsite at Hangar 17.

Launceston Distillery produces handcrafted small-batch whisky. All our whiskies are double distilled and non-chill filtered to retain depth of character. From grain to bottle, everything happens under the roof of the historic Hangar 17 at Launceston Airport.

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