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The home of Tasmania’s first Highland Single Malt Whisky.

254 Nant Lane,
Bothwell, Tasmania

The Nant Story

Unique Tasmanian Flavours.

In the mystical central highlands of Tasmania, Nant Distillery & Estate proudly produces Australia’s first highland single malt whisky on the historic Nant Estate (circa 1821) and carries a long and rich heritage.

It was Edward Nicholas that arrived from Wales in 1821 to cultivate the frontier filed of the Damillstones of a rare granite called French Burr for use in the flour mill that was to be constructed on Nant Estate. Now home to the Nant Distillery and its beautifully handcrafted single malt whiskies.

Traditional pot still distillations methods combined with smaller barrels, carefully selected timbers, local ingredients and the historic Estate’s high-altitude positioning contribute significantly to Nant’s quality and flavour profile.

The Nant style of whisky has similarities to Scottish whisky but follows a unique Tasmanian interpretation. While many of the processes are the same it is the ingredients and location that set Nant single malt whisky apart from their Scottish whisky heritage.

Three expressions form part of our award-winning Classic Collection of Nant Single Malt Whisky, matured in American oak bourbon casks, French oak port casks and American oak sherry casks. Our curiosity and passion for the craft has seen the creation of some exciting flavour profiles distinctly unique to Nant. Single Malt whiskies inspire and capture the imagination throughout the world. The Nant

Single Malt is complex in character and comprehensively reflects the unique strengths and flavours of the Tasmanian Central Highlands. At the Nant Distillery & Estate, we can’t wait to share our liquid gold whisky with you.

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