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Craft Whisky, Gin and Liqueur Distillery located in Dysart House, Kempton.

Dysart House
26 Main St,
Kempton Tasmania 7030

The Old Kempton Story

Old Kempton Distillery is located in an 1840’s mansion called Dysart House, in the picturesque colonial town of Kempton. A comfortable 40-minute drive from Hobart and 2hrs from Launceston.

The distillery offers the opportunity to sit back, relax and unwind in some of the manors charmingly restored rooms. The cellar door offers a wide variety of tastings of Old Kempton Distillery products and locally made produce. Daily tours with one of Old Kempton’s Distiller’s run at 1.30pm and can be booked through the website.

Old Kempton Distillery prides itself on using Tasmanian Barley and Tasmanian Water to make a smooth, caramel and spice Single Malt Whisky. Old Kempton Distillery also offers a training school for would be Distillers who want to join the amazing Distilleries that are opening up all over Tasmania.

Old Kempton Distillery have produced Tasmania’s first Whisky Solera Tun, a 500L Portuguese Port Barrel, that is repeatedly half emptied, released, refilled and left to age again. Creating a unique and complex whisky that you cannot replicate anywhere else. A fresh, house cooked menu is available from 10am until 4pm daily, including our popular Devonshire Tea, Whisky Wash Beef Pies and Antipasto Platters. We also have espresso coffee, cocktails and a full kid’s menu.

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