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A Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, meticulously handcrafted, Overeem Whisky is a boutique spirit that captures the very essence of premium Tasmanian liquid gold.

Casey Overeem
Founder/Brand Ambassador

Although still semi-retired, Casey’s passion for single malt whisky is greater than ever. Head of the Overeem tasting panel, mentor in all aspects of production and brand ambassador at events and tastings, Casey’s involvement ensures all areas of the operation continue to adhere to his stringent high standards.

Mark Sawford
Owner/Head Distiller

Trained and mentored by Casey, Mark’s love for whisky was born through his hospitality career in venue management and ownership. Systematic, with an eye for detail, technique and process driven, Mark’s adoption of Overeem production techniques in all areas has been seamless, ensuring the quality and tradition of Overeem Single Malt Whisky is upheld.

Jane Overeem
Owner/Distiller/Sales & Marketing

Jane lives and breathes whisky! She has been heavily involved in the industry since Overeem was founded in 2007. She worked closely with her father distilling in the early years, and occupied the role as Sales and Marketing Manager from 2011. Jane manages the marketing, events and distribution of Overeem Whisky worldwide and is excited to continue to grow the brand globally.

Nicole Harris

Nicky is a passionate hospitality professional, having managed some of Tasmania’s best restaurants. With an incredible palate and sensory skills, her enthusiasm and natural capability throughout all aspects of the business makes her an integral part of the team.

The Overeem Story

‘Overeem Single Malt Whisky’ is made from the finest ingredients Tasmania has to offer with barley to rival the finest in the world and water recognised as the cleanest. Overeem began as a family-owned business, with operations headed by Casey Overeem. Casey’s interest in the industry started back in the early 1980s when he had his first experience of distilling at a relative’s house in Norway. “Many people had micro-distilleries in their cellars and I really admired them, so I started experimenting when I got home” said Casey.

After much research, realisation dawned that Tasmania offers the perfect climate and ingredients for the production of single malt whisky. Following years of research and experimentation, Overeem secured a distiller’s licence in 2005.

A trip to Scotland, the spiritual home of all whiskies shortly followed with visits to around 15 distilleries to gain a better knowledge of the whole distillation process. Casey is thankful that everyone was open to offering advice and sharing information!

Overeem mature the majority of their whisky in ex-Port and ex-Sherry French Oak and ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels. These hand-selected barrels have been cut down to 100 litre (quarter cask) capacity. These quarter cask barrels produce an intense whisky of incredible character and flavour profile.

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