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Shene Distillery proudly produces Tasmania’s only triple distilled whisky and Tasmanian craft gin.

76 Shene Road
Pontville TAS 7030

David Kernke
Owner/Head Distiller

The Shene Story

Shene Estate & Distillery is located 30 minutes north of Hobart, and 15 minutes from Mona.

Shene Estate is home to the Kernke family, the Hobart Polo Cub and the Shene Distillery, producing Triple distilled and unpeated, Mackey Whisky and Poltergeist Gin.

Historically, Shene Estate was the ostentatious country residence of early colonialist Gamaliel Butler. Shene’s rich history has direct links with King George III, Governor Lachlan Macquarie and World Heritage Sites.

Anne and David Kernke began their quest to restore this historic site and for the last decade have been working towards ensuring that this significate heritage property survives. As part of the sites conservation it has adapted its agricultural outbuildings to accommodate a distillery.

The distillery itself, made from split timber weatherboards and hand-sawn timbers from the Estate, sits gracefully alongside the iconic Gothic Revival stables and barn. At present, the distillery is home to four traditionally made copper stills including Tasmania’s largest copper still at 4500 litres. All Shene’s stills have been forged by Tasmania’s celebrated still maker Peter Bailly.

Shene Estate prides itself on being a historic site with modern ideas. Specialising in behind-the -scenes tours and encourage guests to be inspired by this living museum and distillery. So join us on a private tour, drive down our country road and visit our ‘Road Side Stall’ each Sunday and share in Shene Estate’s future.

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