Tasmanian Whisky & Spirit Tours

A spectacular world of whisky to explore.

Your Tasmanian whisky holiday is full of heritage, spectacular scenery – and unique surprises.

Over a century ago, there were 16 legal distilleries (and quite a few illegal ones) dotted around colonial Tasmania. However, during the 1830s, Governor John Franklin abruptly put an end to the thriving whisky industry, fearing a convict island weaned on too much liquor.

Today, the industry has rebooted itself. Tasmania is now home to thirteen whisky distilleries, with more on the way. Some are small and specialised, while others export to the world and feature regularly amongst the prizes at international award shows.

Each of them uses our island’s pure ingredients to make something unique and special, and many are situated amidst some of the state’s most beautiful and diverse scenery.

Tasmania is one of the few places in the world where whisky is still made the old-fashioned way, just like in the 1830s. It’s crafted slowly, by hand and in copper stills. Rich fields of locally-grown barley, an abundance of pure soft water, highland peat bogs and the perfect climate bring all the ingredients together in a marriage of science, art and passion.

Today’s distillers are also passionate about sharing their story and Tasmania’s unique whisky history with you. Many offer estate tours, including history and heritage presentations, food and entertainment, distillery tours and tastings.

Immerse yourself in Tasmania’s world-class whisky experience, and enjoy all the wonderful things this amazing island has to offer.

Tasmania is a world-class tourist destination, supported by historic sites, spectacular landscapes, bustling markets, award-winning restaurants and a world-class scenic and cultural sector.

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