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An exceptional representation of purely Tasmanian Single Malt Whiskys, all on tasting.
Home of Trappers Hut 15 year old Single Cask Release

360 Lennon Road,
North Bruny TAS 7150

The Trapper’s Hut Whisky Story

The Trapper’s Hut label was created in 2008, when barrels of Tasmanian whisky bought as investments in 2000 could not be sold “as is”. The whisky was found to be outstanding, so the owners were encouraged to bottle the spirit under their own label. The result? The creation of Tasmania’s first independent bottler and the Trapper’s Hut brand.

Trapper’s Hut Whisky specialises in the release of single casks of Tasmanian Whisky that were distilled in 1999-2000 and matured in 200-litre American Oak ex-bourbon casks. After selling their initial barrels, Trapper’s Hut sourced other barrels of spirit with similar history and attributes from individual collectors around Australia. If you’re lucky enough to find a bottle of Trapper’s Hut, it’s well worth snapping up. Just a single barrel of whisky is bottled and released at one time, and the resulting small volume is sold quietly by internet/mail order and at selected local fairs and shows in Tasmania.

The name recognises the huts used by the hardy folk who ventured into the Tasmanian bush, often in extreme conditions, to eek out an existence as trappers. The huts provided welcome warmth in the wilderness, as does this exceptional, distinctive whisky.

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