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Nonesuch is a family run micro-distillery producing craft Gin & Whisky in country Tasmania.

491 Arthur Highway,
Forcett 7173

Rex Burdon

“I love seeing people enjoying our products and for that reason I am always happy to spend time with visitors helping them get the most enjoyment from their whisky or gin. Of course working with family in a business that is new and in an industry that is still young is just amazingly enjoyable. Making great spirits on this amazing island alongside Chris and Annette; that’s what makes me want to leap out of bed of a morning.”

Annette Lodewikus

“Meeting other distillers and people involved in our industry along with the people working in bars and bottle shops who sell our products makes this an enjoyable job. I get to meet some wonderful people.”

Chris Burdon

“It is such an amazing feeling to see a person take home something you have put so much care and attention into creating, I can only imagine the memories they will make over the enjoyment of drinking it. “

The Nonesuch Story

Creating great whisky and gin on this amazing island is what makes us want to jump out of bed of a morning.

As a family owned and operated distillery our focus is on making great spirit and we believe that comes about because of the quality of the raw ingredients, the constant improvement of the process and the care given to each batch during production.

We believe that the final character and quality of whisky is influenced by each stage of the process. So everything from grinding the premium grain we have selected through to bottling the whisky is done by us.

We create our own wash and ferment it right here on-site. We then double distill in small batches in our traditional design, swan-neck, copper pot still.

When you come to visit you will meet us in the surroundings where we work and meet the owner/distiller and the team doing the things that result in premium, small batch whiskies and gins that live up to the name Nonesuch (noun: something without equal, a paragon).

As we are situated on the scenic Rayburn Farm you might also like a peep inside the farm barn with its store of old machinery, carriages, carts and implements.

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